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The Henry Fly Rod was conceptualized by Skip Clement (Henry Fly Rod & Reel, Co,Inc), co-author of Fly Fishing the Florida Keys, publisher of, and experienced world angler.

David Redington, chief rod designer and a co-founder of Redington Rods with Jim Murphy (now an exec at Pure Fishing), is the current chief rod designer and production manager for Southfork Rods and many other clients' fishing rod products.


David designed the Henry Fly Rods, and he and Margaret Redington, and their skilled crafts employees build the Henry's in Stuart, Florida.




The uniqueness of Henry Fly Rods is that they are purposely designed to improve upper limb compromised anglers' casting performances in any 'fishing' situation. By concentrating our rods' builds to reduce reliance of an angler's upper body strength, and agility demands associated with overhand casting, false casting, and double hauling, David Redington created a series of relatively short, lightweight fly rods in modulus' consistent with optimum rod loading awareness in 2- through 12-weight fly rods.


Casting any Henry Fly Rod eliminates enough physical demands on upper body joints to lessen, and in some cases, eliminate pain due to arthritis or the unavoidable creep of age.


However, and most importantly, Henry's have serendipitously enabled veterans and industrial workers with upper arm prosthetics, using either their dominant or off-hand prosthetic, to make possible two-handed casting distance and accuracy performances equivalent to non-compromised anglers.


Henry Fly Rods are all of specific modulus graphite - designed to produce a medium-fast response at its specific rod weight designation. And a slow and fast action using each of the two contiguous fly line weights.

NOTE: Henry Fly Rod add-ons are not "patentable." They are more a repurposed use of existing fly rod design features unique to several rod "types," but more recognizably in a finished state - as one customer put it,  "... a 'sports car' version of a switch rod; slight and light."

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  • Fly Rod  5- or 8-weight

  • Fly Reel (currently Waterworks-Lamson Guru S)

  • Backing (RIO)

  • Fly Line (currently OPST or RIO OutBound Short)

  • Rod Tube

  • Warranty (industry standard)

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By slightly modifying conventional fly rods, eliminating some casting techniques (double haul, false casts, overhead casts, and some spey casts) associated with each fly rod type, nine footers, switch, trout spey, and spey, many arthritically affected anglers, or compromised anglers could continue enjoying fly fishing if they took on the 'sports car' Henry Fly Rods with its extended butt handle.

  • If you are experiencing unacceptable casting limits because of a loss of joint limberness, age, or upper limb prosthetic issues.


  • If you have upper limb arthritis joint pain when casting, but want to try to continue fly fishing with less joint interaction. You can, but will never have to use an overhead cast or advanced spey casting technique in any situation.


  • Henry’s butt extension can be removed for situational fishing or storage.


  • Henry’s come with an extended handle and extended butt to advantage leverage physics - more power with less effort. Think Scandinavian Underhanded Casting



  • Henry Fly Rods, designed by David Redington, is TWO FLY RODS IN ONE. Henry's have a removable butt handle to advantage that particular situation that favors a single-handed cast. Just stick the extension in your pock and reattach when needed.

  • The action, with the butt handle extension, on all Henry's is right where it needs to be - medium-fast. Many agree that action is universally castable for an expert to those who only fish a few times a year to an angler just beginning.

  • Notably, Henry's let all anglers advantage 'feel the rod load,' the essential ingredient of producing a good cast.

  • Henry's ably accept fly lines one up or down from the noted design rod weight.

  • Henry's are more likely to be lighter than fly rod weights of similar ranking.

  • Henry's are usually shorter than most fly rods of equivalent weights.

  • All Henry's have a dedicated and specific modulus for various weights, particular lengths, and specific actions to work with the fly lines that are part of the combination we provide.

  • Henry's are "one" trick rods - able to perform both Skagit and scandi functions, and with tips, any other desired 'searches' for freshwater or saltwater gamefish.

  • All Henry's have a removable butt handle to advantage that unique situation favoring a true single-handed cast. Just stick the extension in your pock and reattach when needed.

The waterworks-Lamson 2021 GURU S is the fly reel that gets picked out of any lineup. Pro fly fishing guides and those who can afford to take the best fishing trips money can buy always think failsafe.



After a local SC fly fishing event just before COVID, a veteran who had lost his dominant upper limb arm just below the elbow and wearing a prosthetic asked if he could demo my Henry Fly Rod (7-weight).


According to Jerry M, using the Henry enabled his casts to be more effective than those using his own conventional, name brand, 9-foot fly rod. And he did as well as most unchallenged anglers I've witnessed over the years concerning distance and accuracy, and, " . . . using less direct physical effort," said Jerry. 

This image is a screenshot taken from Healing Waters' YouTube video.

Aiding the casting of upper limb prosthetic wearers is not a promised benefit of casting with a Henry Fly Rod, but easy enough to see why it would be. It is a light rod; it's a short rod in many of its offered weights, easy to hold onto extension that provides the power of 'underhand' casting, improved upper grip with lengthened handle offers a stable fulcrum.

The Henry's second serendipitous repurpose came when many older anglers said they regained their former casting capabilities using the Henry and native Scandinavian recommended casting technique.


The third and completely unexpected advantage of a Henry is that a 'newbie' can learn to cast well enough in one short session to be encouraged - not discouraged. In minutes a 'newbie' can understand and feel what 'loading' the rod is all about, and most importantly, immediately see and feel what getting distance and control is all about. Psychologically, it is like being told that you're terrific.

While it is true that Henry Fly Rods have been successfully designed to bring back acceptable casting results for experienced anglers suffering from joint pain and age creep, we were astonished to find that some vets with one prosthetic - partial or complete loss of an upper limb, could better and more easily perform fly casting with non-conventional Henry Fly Rods. 

Additionally, we now find that entry-level students seem to be learning to fly cast about twice as fast when using Henry Fly Rods, and those with conventional spin fishing skill much quicker.


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